Past National Presidents Speak!


PNP Kelly Burnett’s Farewell Address

When I gave my acceptance speech three years ago, I started by identifying what is a good speech? ‘Should be like a mini skirt, short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the essentials.’  I did that then and hope to do that tonight.

But, that was my night!  Tonight there is another group of officers waiting to be installed and this is THEIR night!  So, allow me, in less than five minutes to say my goodbyes.

In the National President’s letter that was included in the summer packet, I asked the club presidents to share that letter with each of you.  Hopefully, every member of the Federation has had the opportunity to hear my gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to serve this Federation. 

When I was vice-president, I began calling club presidents to talk and find out what their clubs were doing.  That’s how I got to know most of you.

It was such fun, I began to wonder what it would be like to go see you!  So, I talked to my husband and told him what I wanted to do, but knew I could not reach that goal without a commitment from him and Bazaars that would raise enough funds to help pay for that much gasoline and that many hotel rooms.  He answered as he always does in his Alabama voice, “If that’s what you want to do, we’ll make it happen!”  And, what a ride it has been!

We have rolled over 22,000 miles on the wheels of our vehicles to meet you, plus flying in August to visit Hilo Grandmother Club in Hawaii.  They asked me to say ‘Aloha’ to you all.

The setting in Hawaii was beautiful and the luncheon with the Hilo Grandmothers was lovely.  Meeting their members was just like meeting you here on the mainland:  full of hugs, laughter, camaraderie, good food, questions about the Federation, and listening to the explanations of ‘why’ and ‘because’ answers. 

The very best part of my three years of service was meeting you!

I want to thank everyone who made this ‘ride’ possible:  all the members and Bazaar workers who planned, organized, gave, and collected cash donations, created, and even had relatives creating, the beautiful goods that turned into cash at the Bazaars. 

Traveling that many miles, you do forget little details, but some things you never forget:  the love.

How could I ever forget the precious New Mexico Club president who sent me a full, hand-quilted, baby bed blanket to sell in the Bazaar when she found out Bazaar money was used for the National President’s travel expenses.  I have to admit there were a few tears when we arrived at that luncheon.

Nor the club president in that little town in northern Texas that we missed on the ‘Western-Sweep’ because it was far north of our planned route.  I called her approximately a year later and told her we were coming this time on our way home from booking the Tucson convention.  She paused a moment and said, “Really, but some of my ladies are not in good health, and we may not have very many.”  I told her that was all right, but I was coming.

When we drove down that Texas street, and saw a lovely grandmother standing on the side, we knew we were at the right place.  I believe every member attended that wonderful luncheon!  Some things you never forget!  It stays right here, in my heart!

Thanks to my personal appointees, the Audit Committee, and the Election committee who not only served their two year terms, but extended, along with the National Board, for one year of the 2012-2014 term to maintain the rotation system of the Federation. 

What a ride!!!!  Thank you for the part you played!

God bless each of you and God bless this Federation.



PNP Barbara Rawlins Says...

Hope this finds you well, enjoying much cooler weather and blessings from sharing Thanksgiving with family and friends.


What a good convention in Arizona. A big "THANKS" to the members of the Tucson Grandmothers  #660, the Starliters #703, Waymark Gardens #948 and Helping Hands #1034 for all the work you did and especially for hosting our luncheons and banquet dinner.  And to Kim Gammill and Jean Magley for overseeing the bazaar.........good job grams!  And, thank you Federation members for being there. 

It was so good to see each of you and for your part in a successful convention.  For those of you that could not attend, we missed you and our thoughts and prayers were with you.


Thank you Alice, for a great post tour that was enjoyed by all. Tucson has so much to offer and what a fun time we had seeing part of it.  The stagecoach and train rides, seeing all the old movie sets, the Saloon show, just to mention a few in Old Tucson, were most enjoyable. And, dinner at the 50's restaurant and the show afterwards were both great!    


Congratulations to our new officers, President Alice, Vice President Mollie, Treasurer Grace, and Secretary Evelyn. We look forward to your leadership during the next three years and I wish you the best. Thank you grandmothers for letting me serve as your treasurer this past three years.  It is always my pleasure to do whatever I can to help. 


Wishing all a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. May 2014 bring you happiness and blessings galore!


Love ya,  Barbara

PNP Betty Hollon Says...

Greetings Everyone,

Another missed convention!  Oh, how I wish I could be there with you, but, unfortunately, I am not physically

able to travel anymore.  Otherwise, I am O.K.  I can remember, with joy, conventions in Scottsdale and Mesa and visits to clubs in Arizona, with never-to-be-forgotten memories.  I read about you in Autumn Leaves (isn’t it great?) and get the convention program book of each convention.  This, of course, is not as good as being there with you.  I remember all the wonderful things you have done for your clubs and the Federation. Grandmothers and friends:  Let’s keep this organization alive and well!  It must have something we love...this is out 75th year and our objectives are still in existence.

My prayer is that you will have safe travel to and from your homes, take care of the business of the Federation, make decisions for the good of the Federation, and have receptive hearts and minds as you conduct the business.  You know being a member or friend of the Federation is very much like having the “chicken pox” virus...don’t laugh, it’s true; however, I hope in a nice way.  It never leaves you, the bug is so powerful it is with you forever!  It gets in your system and that’s pretty much the story. The Federation is like that to me.  I am so grateful to have the privilege and honor of serving this Federation for two years as N.P. and getting to visit and know you.

Although many of you may not know or remember me, I still think of my time of service and all it means to me. I have had family obligations and sickness for a while, but  never forget. 

Believe me, it wasn’t all fun and games, but the good things overshadowed the not so good and you, grandmothers, were the very, very special reason for that by giving me your friendship and support through the years.

Sincere appreciation to our retiring Board for their many efforts and hard work to promote the advancement, harmony, and future of our Federation.  Best wishes to the in-coming Board as they continue with this work.

Please remember our deceased members and all who are absent for various reasons.  Pray for them and their families, our Service men and for each other.  I wish the best for your various clubs for increasing membership, good times, and great success in all your endeavors.  “Success never comes easy!”

Lastly, take care, stay well, and enjoy these few days together.  I’ll be thinking of you!  Love and God Bless.

Betty Hollon, P.N.P., 1996-1998