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Charter #277 Has Fun!


Easter time!  

Look for pictures soon from their Rodeo and Mother’s Day Raffle and Bake Sale.































Charter #822. Pasadena, TX


When they visited the Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston, the entourage of Grandmother Club members toured the facility and presented its monitory gift to Megan Sherry, who was the representative for the Shriner’s. In addition, the grandmothers decided to eat lunch at the hospital’s lunchroom.
















Right after the first of the year, the Grandmother’s board members gathered for a

planning session, deciding what events should be scheduled for 2013. First on the list was the garage sale held in Deer Park. Funds collected from this project were added to others earned to help pay to the annual charities the club supports. All funds are geared for helping children who are seriously ill at various recovery facilities.















Also in January, the grandmothers visited the National United States Armed Forces

Museum in Houston. Following that, they travelled to the Terrace in Clear Lake, where

they were given a complimentary lunch before boarding a Precinct 2 bus to return home to Pasadena.


In March, it was a trip to Danevang, Texas, to visit the Danish Capital of Texas.

Members toured the church and the cemetery. They visited the Museum to watch a video, then after lunch, went on a scavenger hunt in the Museum, and finally, a tour of the Pioneer House.


April brings the Founder’s Day luncheon, a time to remember and appreciate those

who began as a group of grandmothers back in June 22, 1970. Grandmothers attend a Founder’s Day luncheon at the Monument Inn. They are also reminded how important it is for the club to raise funds to support its work with handicapped children. The grandmothers also enjoyed the luncheon. It is a break from usual tasks and projects, all of which are supported by them.


Clara Clay, Publicist




Charters #277 & #1033 from Texas










































Those Galveston Grands and Santa Fe Crafty Grannies know how to party!





From the Starliters Grandmother Club, Charter #703,  

in Phoenix, Arizona.


Forty-eight years ago a group of fourteen working grandmothers gathered together to start a new Grandmothers Club.  On January 29, 1964, they organized a night time club.  This was the first club in Arizona to have meetings at 7:00 P.M. and this is how we received the name Starliters.  Our Charter # 703 was granted February 15, 1964.  


At that time, Phoenix was a relatively small town and these 14 grandmothers lived in various areas of the Valley of the Sun, hence the name Phoenix was used even though there were several other Grandmother Clubs in the Phoenix area.  Today, most of our members continue to come from the southeast and northeast valley.


As is true with all organizations, especially “older, more mature” groups, our membership has changed over the years; sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.  However, at this time, we continue to be a very homogenous group of 16 grandmothers dedicated to helping children of all ages.


Submitted by Joanne Coleman, President

Please contact Joanne at:  623-266-9660 or 

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From the Oak Leaf Grandmother Club, Charter #653,  

in Dallas Texas





























Pictures submitted by Bettie Newman.



From the Staten Island Grandmother Club, Charter #899 

Jamie’s Wedding Celebration