President's Page

Name: Mollie M. Jamison

Home Charter:  #1033

Location:  Santa Fe, Texas

Phone: home (409) 925 5524 Cell (409) 692 1502


Club Name:  Santa Fe Crafty Grannies

Convention 2016

Acceptance Speech, October 4, 2016

It is an honor to be here this evening to be elected as your President for the National Federation Grandmother Clubs of America.  I appreciate the support I have received along this journey of my life.  Without the help of my family, friends and grandmothers to guide me along this way, I would not be here today

Proudly, my mother and grandmother were members of #277, which was organized in 1954.  It is still an active club today.  My great aunt, aunt and cousin were also members in the past.  As a child, I remember attending a rummage sale held by their club.  I truly remember playing Bingo with my grandmother and winning a ham!  I was so proud!

My theme is "Caring is Sharing".  I chose seashells for the installation.  I see so many beautiful shells that make me think of our individual and unique clubs.  Living near the sea shore, I notice the constant changes of shells coming and going with the waves of the water.

Changes are good, but sometimes difficult.  We continue to have obstacles that create changes.  Our Federation is slowly growing smaller.  Only we can do something about it.  We need new ideas to get grandmothers and grandfathers interested.  Let us work together and share our thoughts and ideas to get new members and start new clubs.  I am so proud to know we have a new club just organized this past summer.  The "Sassy Sista's " Grandmother Club is in Texas.

Our main fundraiser is CURE (Cancer Research for Childhood Disease).  We might be small, but we still make a difference in our club's donations. Thank you to everyone for caring and sharing.

I would like to thank the Texas Clubs for the hard work done to make the 75th NFGCA Convention a success.  A special thank you to my very dear friend, Beverly Mathews for all scenes she did for the past two years.  Our brown linen appliqued napkins are a gift for you to take home as a reminder of our 75th Convention in Galveston, Texas.  Thank you, Beverly.

I will end this message that was in an Autumn Leaves Issue from 1953.

"It is more than dues and parties
That make our Club progress.

It is the friends we make and keep

That spells a club's success".

New National Appointees for 2016 - 2018

Chaplain  ----   Tonya Van Natta    #757    Stinnett, Texas

Parliamentarian --- Sharon Mineo, PNP  #1028 Staten Island, New York

Personal Page--- Sharon Martinek    #899 Staten Island, New York

Personal Page  --- Susan Guida    #948    Arizona

Personal Page --- Colleen Murray   MAL New Jersey

Charitable Chairperson --Barbara Quinn #1028   Staten Island, New York

By-Laws Chairperson --- Barbara Marshall #660Tucson, Arizona


Thank you,

Mollie M. Jamison, National President